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 A lot of women support this cause. Mainly because ourselves or ones we know are effected by it! The Breast Cancer Site is a site that of course helps to spread awareness. They are proud to be partnered with National Breast Cancer. Founded by a 26 y/o breast cancer survivor Janelle hail. They help get women in need  a mammogram. They donate a  ton of money and time in order to be able to give everyone a chance to be aware of their own health. 

Did you know that for 100 women diagnosed with breast cancer, ONE man will also get diagnosed. 

The Breast Cancer Site was founded to help fund free mammograms for women in need. Since October 2000, it is a leader in the fight to prevent breast cancer. there is a pink button at the top of the home page for breast cancer.  you can click this button daily to help. The sponsors pay for it, All you have to do is click it! SO make sure to do it. It takes 3 seconds. 

Click Here Daily To Click Here to Give - it's FREE. It's Free!

Early Detection is the KEY in the fight. With the Breast Cancer Site. Every purchased helps generate funds for free mammograms.100% of sponsor profits go the the cause. The founders of the breast Cancer Site are Tim Kunin and Greg Hesterberg. Both are breast Cancer survivors! 

 The first bag is 4.00 bucks. The other are the THREE for about 12.00.

The site offers a wide variety of products for sale. I haven't found anything on there,  I couldn't use or think of someone that would like it. They have shoes,Boots,clothing, home/kitchen,jewelry and gifts. That is only a few choices they have. They have a ton. The site has other awareness attached to it at the top of pages. The customer service i received was very nice. There is so much information on this site. To look for more info about it. Look the the right along the edge of the page. 

These are handmade for about 12.00.

If you like to read stories of hope. Read some of these.  I know I had my grandmother die of cancer at age 55. I  hardly remember what she went threw. I lived with her at the time.  What I can remember is her hair falling out and she had to wear these wigs. She choose the wonderful curly shot brunette. I have pictures of myself in them. She swore I looked like Sherly Temple. I remember a giant looking bruise on her chest and taking a picture of it. My memory is faded but I Rem hard times. Watching Disney movies with her bed. Her passing might of been saved if EARLY detection was taken years ago. 

I also have an Aunt who is an inspiration in many ways. She not only takes care of my cousin who she adopted as her own (from her sister), he is diagnosed with muscle dystrophy. She also has a daughter of her own. She had  beat breast cancer and beat it!!! She also recently gotten a check up and remains breast cancer free. So while she pushed threw her struggles while maintaining her  family struggles and over coming them. She is truly an inspiration in many ways.  

Here is another story that made me now wanna call my doctor to get a check up. I am only 21. So young, but to young for a mammogram. I need to be here for my two daughters. I also need to be able to provide them a great role model for the future.

There's never been any history of breast cancer in my family. Heck, I even tested negative for the gene. But, at 29, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
I had just gotten married, I was loving my new job, and I was planning to go back to school to get my master's degree. Then, this happened. I cried and panicked. What was I going to do?
Luckily, I was in an area that had excellent medical care. My surgeon, oncologist, and plastic surgeon all took me under their wings and took care of me.
Chemo lasted all that summer and was extremely rough. I missed a lot of work. There were even times I wanted to give up. My husband, who was 24 at the time, wouldn't let me give up. He came to every treatment and took care of me through every step of the way.
I'm happy to say that I've been cancer-free for three years now, and I hope to stay that way. I'm doing what my doctors tell me, and I'm taking care of myself.
If you think you're too young to get breast cancer, you're wrong. Always, always keep a check on your body because early detection was what saved me.

Charleston, SC

If you wanna read more, go to the breast Cancer site and get inspired

I got to review Cozy Classic Pink Ribbon Sweater Boot. I got the color brown. I must say I am boot lover of all! these boots are fairly comparable to other great boots. They are snug fit perfect. They are cozy! they are nice and soft and just so stinking cute. They retail for 44.00 about. On the breast cancer site you can get a pair for yourself or friend for 24.00! They offer 99cent shipping to the U.S and 50$ international orders.

I got a size 8 and they fit well and again are extremely cozy. I was wearing some slippery socks, so the heel would slip, if you have those kind of socks on change them! Make sure you get your size and not a size above. Some boots I know people get a size above. There is no need for these boots. I love these boots and by wearing them. You can be proud your supported a great cause as well. They even come in other colors such as black, brown, and cream. If you aren't a boot person. Don't worry. They have so much, you are going to want something. There prices are awesome for everything

I took the advantage of playing with these boots. And configured them to wear this way. They still looked cute to me.

I am very honor to of been able to do this review! I can't wait for my future purchases from them! It was such a great process with customer service and very fast standard shipping. They got them out to me right away! 

Remember to CLICK the PINK BUTTON once a day to help support! 

Click Here Daily To Click Here to Give - it's FREE. It's Free!


  1. Thanks for this post. I just went shopping there myself because of your post. Spent over $50 and see much more I would like to get when I have more time to shop.

    Thanks for supporting such a great cause with your post!


  2. Thanks so much!

    It is a great website and deals. Be sure to click the Pink button! lol

    Thanks again for commenting.

  3. Priscilla,

    I'm here on behalf of the LLLS Jingle Bell Blog Hop! You've got a great blog with so many exciting things to share. Congrats on your accomplishments this year with the new house and all. You've been busy.

    I also appreciate (as a male) your breast cancer awareness comment about men and the fact that they too can get breast cancer. Many people do not realize this. I'm also a "daily clicker" to benefit the cause as well. I do have something that you might also find interesting. My company, Scent-Sations, for which I am a distributor created the HOPE - Candle for a Cure just last year. Within the first month, they had passed their initial goal of $5,000 which was donated to the Komen Foundation. Due to its success with helping to raise funds for this cause, they decided to keep it available year around since breast cancer doesn't stop in October. Here's the link to my site if you'd like to take a look at it.

    I look forward to connecting with you and sharing ideas and thoughts.

    Make it an awesome day!
    Darren Sanford


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