Soo first post.

I must post something for this little while. It's bugging me Having to see no post!  I have some very neat and cool things to review coming up! Keep watch.

 Maybe i'll share some cookie recipes with you that are a must have for christmas! I love to make a ton of different cookies and put them in tins from a dollar store and wa la gifts. This year i am also gonna try sewing more!  I am not the best sewer in the world, i think i am ok! as long as you can sew straight right! lol  I also have shopping to do seeing as i have a big family btw my mom, dad, and husbands parents! not to mention we like to do things with my best friend, who in a way is like a cousin, long story. Anyway, she's awesome!(has a big family herself) All the while trying to make new friends, what fun trying to combine free time to meet up durring this season! lol

So i leave you! I swear i'll be back very soon!!

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  1. Focus on the problem, will not have a solution km. Focus on God, He will give you a solution.

  2. Friendship is not intertwined with that special person. We are so privileged to be friends. Sahabatlah who favored us.


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