Some reviews coming up!

SO we have Pet cakes coming! Just FYI. With all the new rage over cupcakes becoming more so the treat for birthdays instead of cakes.  With all the animal  love from little kids, why not combine them both! I am having sent the collection of 4 dogs. For soft animal dogs stuffed in a cupcake holder all while looking cute with an icing hat.

Also, We have the north american bear company. For them being around as long as they have. I have only recently looked into their website. My what cute stuff they have. I am very excited to see what goodies i have coming in the mail to review. Then i can let you all know what is the best!

Also have coming in is a chair cover that is completly water/stain resistant, and washable! IT will fit practically any chair. This should be something very usable for moms with kids. Or wanting to keep you chair looking new and nice

We also have some emails out, so we will see how far they go. :)

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