Scraping up the dough


 If i were to tell you i was made of money. I'd be lying. latley I have been trying to pay all the bills and save every cent for black Friday. I want so much stuff. I want a new lap top. I would like a new sewing machine. I want a play station 3. I want the Kinect for Xbox360.  I just want so much! Not to mention everything i would like to get for my kids. Oh how I wish I have a money tree. I would take care of that so well!I wouldn't even mind if it over grew

Black Friday this year is gonna be awesome. I love to go to the stores opening at 12PM. Get my Starbucks coffee and wait in the cold.! I don't know what i enjoy about all this mess so much. All i know is i wanna be a part of it! I would be out all day if it wasn't for the kids and husband. I do have to say. I am the most excited for Starbucks!

Ohh anyone else as excited as i am. Even if i wait in a line for 5.00 item. I love the experience.


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