Sears Opportunity


     My husband and I rented for the longest time! We finally decided that it would be best for our entire family’s future to purchase a house! We got preapproved for our loan and the house hunting started! 
My husband really wanted to purchase a new house! My dad is very handy, and one of my biggest desires was to find an old house that was a fixer upper I and my husband could work on together! The house we finally agreed upon appeared to be in great condition, it just needed the fun cosmetic fixes, great compromise for myself and my husband! He didn’t have to take on any huge tasks, and I still got to do little fixes around the house! Oh boy were we wrong.
Not even a year into home ownership and we have dealt with a leaky ceiling, a clogged tub, a cracked toilet, a broken sump pump, a flooded basement, carpenter ants , faulty outlets and ruined carpets!

    We are still a young couple, and decided to purchase this house so we only had to fix cosmetic things! But with the problems we had, we decide to grab a few DIY books and learn ourselves! We quickly learned how to fix things ourselves, and realized a lot of problems around the house can be fixed with a quick trip to Sears to buy needed hardware!
Our junk drawer used to hold just a simple screw driver! Now we have a shelf in our basement filled with tons of tools from the local Sears Hardware Store!! A saw, a hammer, a drill, a wrench, a level, and tons of different paint brushes! 
 We had no idea the can of worms we were opening!

It started with painting our house and cleaning the smoked stained walls and replacing the carpet in the whole house.

I am about to flood you with pictures! Here it comes.. before and after pictures!

Living Room/going into dinning room

DINNING ROOM before and then some After!! 




Down stairs steps! Before and After! 


GAME ROOM/bedroom. There is no 4th WALL 




    Our biggest project last year was our bathroom! Our bathroom is huge, but very, very pink! After weeks of scraping the dried glue off the wall, we were able to paint. We took the glass doors off of the bathtub as well! This year we have to get a new sink and toilet, get new flooring and figure out what to put on top of the sink!

So here are BEFORE And AFTER pictures! Our pink bathroom


    We have come a long way, from where we were when we purchased the house! We thought we just had cosmetic things to work on, but soon after moving in realized that some of the cosmetic things I wanted to have changed so badly needed to be put off because of bigger things!

     Our New Year’s Resolution this year is to get more of my “To Do” list checked off! Our hardware store of choice has always been Sears! Their employees are some of the most helpful ever! I can tell you when we started this; I thought I was a pro DIY woman. But I quickly learned I couldn’t even tell the difference between a flat head and a Phillips! Without Sears, and their knowledgeable employees, we wouldn’t have gotten half done last year that we did!
We also are very proud of what we accomplished last year, but can’t wait to be able to finally say "We Are Done"!
  We look forward to looking back!  

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