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           I got to review these adorable Hot Sox from North American Bear Company. When I got then all set up. They were adorable! I loved the pink elephant instantly. They are so soft and easy to squeeze. The cutest things I have ever seen. The pink elephant has a little baby elephant that matches it. It's a mini! They are both so cute. I love how they are different sizes because my youngest got the smaller one because she is 4 months. My oldest got the bigger one. no fighting because they are the same! By fighting I mean my oldest didn't wanna steal the other one! 

  Hot Sox Giraffe is also cute. Great gift for a boy or girl. The long legs make them even more lovable. He even has a matching friend. They are also soft and  very huggable! Even the little details are cute! I think these would make a great theme gift esp for a baby shower where the babies gender was unknown. I know my daughter loved these ones as well. Every little kid needs a special stuffy. Why not make it a Hot Sox

            Did i mention the shipping was great.  They got here very reasonably, In a big box might I say. They had plenty of packaging so they didn't move. They also were all in a plastic bag for safe keeping. 

       While i was trying to take some pictures. My daughter wouldn't leave them alone. I had to ask her dad to hold her for 2 minutes. lol  Once I let her lose on them. she was hugging them and everything. My child is a stuffed animal, blanket, and pillow hoarder. She always needs to have 20 blankets to go to bed. Her one turtle pillow pet and all the stuffed animals she was playing with that day. We have a big toy box. It is filled with stuffed animals. I am about to clean them out, So we can add these cute hot Sox to it without them getting lost in the mix! I know this pink elephant is my youngest daughters first stuffed animal. It will be sure to be saved. They look very durable and strong. I am sure it will last till she is older and asks about her baby life.!

       All in ALL. I loved these cute little animals. NAbearstore has so much to offer. One of my favorites was the Muffy Vanderbear Collection. They are all so cute! I am desperately thinking of getting one for my daughter! In a way I want one too! My mom a collector of all bears and esp Boyds. Would loves these guys! I think I might be checking out that section soon. Check out their site to take it all in. They have seasonal gifts, baby dolls, a whole section just for baby, and tons more!

        One More thing, they have a section on stuffed monsters. You Can build you own. Don;t worry they aren't the kind that hide under beds. They are very cute and more so the ones you'd play monopoly with.

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