My hold me baby

If you have a hold me baby. You may know what i am talking about. These babies never wanna leave the nice comfortable arms of a mommy. She will settle "sometimes" for their dads. It's like ok here baby.Your acting as happy as pie to get them all excited for whats about to happen.  Instant butt  to something,WAAAAA... I kid you not! lol

Yes, i am blessed with TWO girls. So twice the drama queens. I have one that does a high pitch scream all the time, even for play. The baby just doesn't know when to quik being a hold me baby.

Other then that, and easy fix to it all. Duct tape for the screaming child and arms for the hold me one! JK about the duck tape.  What if i invented kid muzzles. Naa that just wouldn't go over good. lol  My girls are all mine and   when the day is done.They both flash a smile and it's love at 100000000 sight!


  1. I have only one daughter and couldn't possibly imagine two.

  2. Lol, i am sure i will love the fights about who's clothing is who's. When they are older! I love them both. I like saying "My Girls" lol


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