Dad couldn't say NO!

So we went to Walmart today, to get a few things for dinner. We choose to go in the toy isle and look around. We made are way around to the bike isle. There they had some really cool looking girl bikes. So we let natalia ride one and see is she liked and could do it. She is only 2. Well she grabbed a Radio Flyer Scoot and Zoom.

      Well needless to say, She rode it around the store while i was shopping. I am telling her dad. Your letting her play with it, she loves it, were gonna have to buy it.  We get up to the check out. He tries to quickly hide it. She starts the crocodile tears. I know we shouldn't have given in. I have been wanting to buy this thing for some time. So i was like, she is so sad. SO her dad puts it on the conveyor belt and we but it. Oh and at Walmart, they are only 20 bucks. So here we have this scooter thing. I have to say we tried it out ourselves and three were riding on it in the bike isle at Walmart. It is so fun!

If your looking for a great fun gift. This is one of them. Reminds me on my child hood days when i loved gym class.

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