Coming SOON!


          I decided to do a Bath day. Featuring products for moms/women. We all know we love baths, even the men do! So i will be having some awesome bath products to review and giveaway! 

You will be amazed at the creativeness of  such products! I even looked up on how to make soap, thinking it would be fun to try. Well lets just say it's not so simple. There safety courses that have to be taken. Things that don't mix, have to be mixed and at hot temps. 

Holiday Soap Display - 2

Sure you could go and buy a soap making kit for kids. It's not the same as such soaps as natural or have lemon grass actually in it! There's something about soaps that I just love how they look. 

Just wanted to update readers on whats coming along with my usual reviews. It will be a whole day of posting about bath needs for us to enjoy ourselves from candles, to soap, to salt! All to me sound like a great night. All I'd be missing is the jacuzzi tub and nice book to read! Oh did I mention a babysitter from another mother! 

So if this is sounding good, keep watch for some awesome new scents and soap varieties  to try. Some cutely wrapped, some ale cart natural! 



Thanks For Checking Out My Blog!! :-)