123Sunshine123 Etsy Review


 Sunshine Shop, This shop is ran by Jenny. She loves colors and thinks jewelry is a great way to express yourself! even capture a moment of feeling! Her shop is a diamond in the ruff. Just looking at her shop, makes you feel kind of happy or miss those summer days. 

Everyone of her designs in unique! She makes earring, necklaces,bracelets, and she even does some for Charity such as breast cancer. All of her jewelry is so pretty and creative! I think I love her bracelets the most! I am a bracelet person! She also does custom jewelry if you ask for some! 

Her name is what she makes! I was lucky enough to receive a pair of very nice crafted earrings. They are very nice and sturdy looking. They feel sturdy too, not like they will break the next day! She was so nice to even include a little thank you card. I thought that was so nice to take the time to do so! 

Here are some things I liked from her store

Winter Wonderland beaded gift set              pink tear drop charm bracelet

reserved for snack bar

SO go visit her shop, she has very pretty jewelry. Her prices are not bad at ALL!! I look forward to receiving my breast cancer necklace!! As shown above! 

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